A woman who embodies her Radiance has befriended darkness. She is one who has journeyed deep into the womb of the dark feminine. Here, she has discovered how to be lit from within. Never underestimate the power within you to transform every lesson, challenge and pain into Beauty. Living a life of Beauty is not seeing life thru rose colored glasses. It is seeing the presence of God in everything and everyone, as it IS right now.   ~ Monica


Ready to Embody Your Radiance?


  • Are you moving through a transitional time and struggling with trusting your heart?
  • Are you tired of self-sacrifice patterns and craving a deeper connection with yourself?
  • Are you tired of feeling like there is more to life and ready to feel deeply fulfilled?

You know all too well that depletion & exhaustion have overstayed their welcome.

This is YOUR time to have a life that feels UNIFIED & whole where you no longer feel split between various responsibilities and roles.

It’s time to:

~ re-ignite your passion and channel your gifts into your purest heart’s desires!

~ dial up the heat on your sensual life and feel great in your body!

~ let life come to you and then receive “it” when it comes!!

~ open up to overflow of inspiration that is waiting to flood your being


The Illumination Sessions . . .


I believe that the most powerful coaches are the ones who hold up a mirror so that we access our own genius, in the moment.

My passion is holding up this mirror for myself and others – in the true spirit of Namaste. (the light that is in me is also within you.)

When the inner knowing of an individual is honored – we open up a powerful creative space where illumination flows freely.

The illuminated mind transforms current situations into new possibilities.
The illuminated body feels expanded and radiant.

My gift is piercing the dark spaces of consciousness to reflect the interconnected web of light within you and your journey.

I reflect the illumination that is already within you – so that you can step confidently in the direction of your dreams.

You will come away from our sessions connected to your inner knowing with a clear opening for your next steps.

You will feel stuck energy shift into fluidity as you light the areas that are requiring your attention and come away with a deep sense of peace, understanding and completion around your current “challenges.”

If you’re ready and willing to be all that you are, and you take full responsibility for this,
let’s light the path together so that you embody the fulfillment & joy you so desire.

Your Radiance is already within you.

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The totem or medicine of the Black Panther reminds us that darkness is the place for both seeking and finding answers. It is a place to accept healing. The darkness is a place for us to access the hidden light of truth. Through our dreams, Sister Panther teaches us to delve into the places within ourselves to find the things in need of healing. Just as a Black Panther we must track the unfamiliar territory of self-discovery and to be as fearless as she in facing the unknown.

The power of Black Panther lies in her ability to walk with total strength of character and a courageous heart into the unknown, fully embracing the mystery of life and completely enabled to wend her way to her place of True Power with grace and confidence.


The Harmony Sessions . . .


As a conscious mother of two small children who is balancing my burning creative desire, I know the frustration that comes from not being able to fully explore the creative surges due to a lack of time or space.

I know the daily considerations you must filter your choices through and I have lived to learn the difference between self-sacrifice and doing what is necessary for the benefit of your family.

My own journey is one of constant integration and a desire to unify all aspects of my life so that I am present for my children while also bringing my dreams to life.

After many years of total devotion to both my “purpose” and my family, I realized that I didn’t know myself. I didn’t love myself and I was paralyzed, not knowing what direction to take, let alone know what truly felt good to me.

Over many years, I have restored a deep connection with myself and Spirit.
I feel intimately connected to life once again and know how to meet my N.E.E.D.S on a daily basis.

If you feel like you are losing yourself in your responsibilities and craving a deeper connection to yourself and life, The Harmony Sessions focus on creating the artful balance where you meet your needs as an awakening woman, are present for your children, passionate about your projects and living true to yourself … including feeling alive and vibrant in your sensuality.

We will focus on creating a foundation in both fullness and wholeness so that you have the time and energy to focus on yourself & your deepest desires ~ GUILT & SACRIFICE FREE!

When you live in harmony with your truest desires – your embody your RADIANCE.

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 “The true transformation in the journey comes when you see the amazing beauty of the place in which you are trapped. This is the vision of the vision quest. You embrace the pain, discard your concerns about death, and then the world opens up to you.” ~ Laurence Gonzales


Soul Spas


If you live in Kelowna, I invite you to come for a fun evening of raw exploration and soul sister sharing!

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