Are you tired of exhaustion & depletion cycles?

Are you moving through big shifts in your life that ask you to trust your heart?

Are you ready to experience what
Self Love (REALLY) feels & looks like?

Join me in "The Ecstasy of Being"
8 Day Feminine Embodiment Journey 

Radiant Reviews for "The Ecstasy of Being"

“Wow. I am blown away by Monica’s PHENOMENAL work. I remember the creation of this offering during Peru … and being able to experience it last week, so much opened up for me around my sweet spot. What is my ECSTASY? How is it linked to my spiritual path and my essence as a woman? I highly recommend this for any woman who is ready to leap off the edge and surrender into her deepest desires."

~ Tanya Paluso ~ FemFire Catalyst & Truth Teller

“A handful of words keep arising for me over and over to describe The Ecstasy of Being: exquisite, pure, inspired, true, essential. This is a clearly a work born of love, beauty, and a devoted woman’s authentic experience. Monica says that her intention with this 8-day journey is the deepening, integration and embodiment of Ecstasy in our daily lives, so we don’t have to separate our “mystical experiences” from the ordinary experiences of life. She’s done just that, in a sacred, nourishing and most Soul-satisfying of ways."

Lisa Berkovitz ~ Sweet Spot Coach

“The Ecstasy of Being is a gentle, yet powerful exploration into the nourishment of your soul. As a creative woman, whose path is healing myself & world through the power of Love, Monica’s 8-day process was completely in alignment with my heart’s desires.I am still thinking about what I read, even days after and that doesn’t happen very often! I’m so grateful for the deepening she provided through simple concepts, poetry & music which allowed me to open even further into the purest desire to just BE."

~ Jess Tomlinson ~ Speaker & Self Love Revolutionary

Here's What You'll Experience From This
8 Day Feminine Embodiment Journey

  • How to work with longing & loneliness so it fuels you instead of depletes you.
  • A renewed dedication to create time and space for yourself, guilt free!
  • A heightened sense of Aliveness as you open your body to Abundance.
  • A sustained & genuine feeling of Self Love & Acceptance.
  • How to embrace the gifts of Darkness so you release fear and come home to yourself.
  • A stronger connection to your Creative flow, freedom and inspiration.

I look forward to hearing about your journey.

With Love,

Monica Fraser