Get Nourished

I believe that the traditional tenets of creative accomplishment — push, strive, hustle & sacrifice — are exhausting, depleting, and emotionally damaging.

I live within a feminine model of creation — one that mirrors the natural cycles of birth, tides, rhythm, seasons, & cycles.

One that honors intuition, introspection, spaciousness & nourishment.

One that is fueled by divine guidance and deep self trust.

One that allows us to align with the natural creative flow of life.

Because when you share your Gifts and your Radiance, you should feel FULL — not empty.

These are a few of my creations – made and shared with love for soulful, sensitive, creative women  — like you.

Enjoy . . . and get full.

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The Little Book of Non-Negotiables
Are you ready to be a well nourished woman?
Discover the thriving secrets of 8 radiant women who have made self care
their non negotiable foundation for life, love and business.


Your Thriving Body Guided Meditation
Be guided in a beautiful body intelligence meditation by Monica
as you reconnect with your UNIQUE thriving vibration.
You will feel restored, reconnected and energized as
your whole vibration is raised into natural alignment.

Completing Relationships Guided Meditation
Find peace and closure in soul connections that have come to an end.
Whether your journey together was long or short,
feel a deep shift into acceptance and unconditional love.
This meditation will connect you with your core soul needs
and you will feel yourself let go with ease and love.

Interview: Dating, Spirituality & the Art of Boundaries

Join Monica and relationship expert Barry Paul Price as they explore
love, relationships and boundaries for the spiritual woman.

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