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Are you tired of feeling exhausted and depleted when you would rather be feeling passionate, playful and deeply satisfied?

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7 Questions + 8 Radiant Women = 33 Inspiring Pages

A healer once gave me the homework to sit quietly and “do absolutely nothing” for 15 minutes every day and I couldn’t do it. I found it totally infuriating to be that “unproductive.” But two miscarriages in my 30s were the big wake up call.

Lisa Schrader

Loving myself means that I am “cause” in my life, rather than someone else’s “effect.” That’s the magical part. Staying in my truth allows me to ensure that I create my own reality. That reality is honoring my deepest values and visions for life.

Kim Anami

Part of me wishes we could all collectively stop using the term “self-care”, as if it’s a special indulgence, reserved for certain moments of your day, and just call it “being a human.” Or “being alive.” Or even just “being.”

Alexandra Franzen

Being successful in business requires you to move beyond what will be comfortable to your ego, to innovate and have the security to be with exposure and vulnerability, to have the courage and the confidence to express the wisdom of your journey and your desires. Self-care is the only way I see to creating the energy and the experience needed to show up fully in this way.

Erika Watson

I’ve begun to realize that being nice all the time can actually create an imbalance in our energy field because we are giving more than we are receiving. That makes it difficult to receive love, abundance, appreciation, romance, money … it’s important to learn how to receive!

Kari Samuels

As I’ve deepened my self-love, absolutely amazing things have shown up externally to mirror the inner changes I’ve made. I continue to practice getting better and better at it, and continue to be in awe of how it works so directly!

Lisa Berkowitz

I didn’t know it at the time but I had only dabbled in self-care, never fully committed. I hadn’t realized its immense untapped power yet. Until one night when I fainted, fell to the floor and broke my nose. During my stay in hospital, I realized I had been running on empty for the past couple of years. I had based my life on the old paradigm of WOMAN.

Mirna Barakat-Brown

I was also craving to find a voice out there – one that spoke to my life and challenges as a passionate woman, a devoted mother to two small children, with a blazing desire to serve, all while being in the middle of an intense spiritual awakening journey. The turning point was when I stopped looking outside for direction and turned the process inward.

Monica Fraser

Are you ready to draw a line in the sand and make yourself a non-negotiable priority again?

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