a few points along the great adventure

Monica Fraser is an adventurer, Yogini and inspiring guide for passionate and awakening women. She believes that self-deprivation & depletion have run their course and that an elegant and thriving life is built on a non-negotiable foundation of self-nourishment.

Monica has spent her life traveling, seeking & teaching — & modelling in Italy, leading yoga classes, guiding scuba divers off the Pacific Northwest & Caribbean, sailing the Baltic Sea as a Captain’s assistant, snowboarding the infamous mountains of B.C. Canada and dancing into past, parallel & future lives with various spiritual guides.

The loss of her mother at age 3 initiated a deep void within her and she felt her first signs of depression by the age of 9. Raised in a non-religious family, she began dabbling with various religions as a teen, seeking to fill the void with truth & connection. By her early twenties, the drug culture seemed to fill the void while opening her up to the ecstatic states of union she was longing for. Although drugs initiated a deeper spiritual inquiry, her mind and body were showing signs of depletion, and Monica began to crave these states of bliss and happiness in daily life, unassisted by narcotics. As she was preparing to exit the culture, a frightening and accidental overdose at age 23 sent her into a state of drug-induced psychosis. No longer able to sustain a life of self-abandonment, she was faced with a choice: to heal or die.

Monica chose to heal, but on her own terms. Armed with an independent and rebellious spirit, she followed the unconventional route. For over a decade, she sought out holistic healing practices such as Yoga, herbs, whole food, self reflection, spirituality and various energy healing modalities to bring her body, mind and soul into harmonious balance.

Monica’s life has taken her on a powerful voyage into the heart of self regeneration & self discovery. She has transformed her story of abandonment & self rejection into one of clarity, meaning and purpose. Her unique experiences have gifted her with an unwavering faith in the healing capacity of the human spirit.

Grounding visionary idealism with practical reality, Monica guided women though self discovery & self expression with love, creativity and nourishment. She is passionate about women embodying their unique radiance and bringing to life their secret dreams. But really? It’s all about seeing women love themselves deeply.

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