Monica Fraser

I’m Monica Fraser —  a mystic, adventurer, yogini,
& practical guide for creative & awakening women.

I want to live in a world where women
trade in their exhaustion for Ecstasy,
shifting from hustle to harmony, and if they desire . . .
bringing their creative progeny into the world
(books, works of art, philosophies, frameworks, businesses & revolutions)
built on a foundation of self-nourishment.

I believe every woman can create from fullness
no matter what stage of the journey she is in.

Here’s the challenge though . . .

The world still celebrates HARD WORK.

“Want to achieve your goals? You’d better be ready to push, strive, hustle & sacrifice.”

Do Do Do and don’t ever stop Doing!
Or so the conventional logic goes.

There’s no doubt about it: Bringing our dreams to life can be intense,
But deprivation & depletion, and abandoning ourselves in the process is not the way forward.

There is another way:

I invite you to consider your sustained fulfillment
as the holistic fuel
for elegant & effective productivity.

~ ~ introspection ~~ embodiment ~~ simplicity ~~ intuition ~~ nurturing

An open-hearted style of living.
One that invites all of our Being into the creative dance.
One that invites us to let go and Truly LIVE!

as we embody our Radiant Presence,
imagine what else is possible?

I see the lush & limitless everywhere — in everyone I meet.

I see it in you.

So, let me ask you:

Are you ready to embody your Radiance?

with deep appreciation and love,


Three main pieces to my life puzzle:


~ I have always been IMG_5156a seeker. After looking to religion in my teens, I shifted to spirituality when I turned 20. All of my many adventures were born from the soul desire to connect deeply with spirit, myself and others. 2009 was a big shift into a whole new exploration and when I was “awakened” to so much more! The seeking journey shifted into an internal journey of meeting and romancing the Beloved within.

~ I am a passionate and purpose filled woman. I came with a sense of knowing that I wanted to contribute and add more love and beauty to the world. My healing initiation began at 22 when i had an accidental drug overdose and was forced to face myself and my life. My life has been a gradual shift from self rejection/abandonment to self love and nurturing.

~ I am a mother seeking genuine balance. As a mother of two small children who refuses to sacrifice in the name of success, I have been exploring how to blossom within myself and be true to my desires while being a conscious mom. My birth mom left when I was 3, so this duality choosing between my own passions and my children has always been under the surface. Because the wound was deep and I could not sacrifice my identity as the “perfect mom” (until I let that go!) I began to ask how it was possible to explore my potential while being a full time mom. I asked every day “there must be a better way?” and over time – I discovered that there is! This is when I began to rewrite the rules to honor my desires and nurture my passions.

Through this lifelong exploration,  I have discovered that there are two main aspects of Exquisite Self Care that have met my needs as an awakening, passionate, creative women and mother:

Fullness is an embodied state of being when allow ourselves to Receive. Receiving is like a flower that continuously unfolds. There is no end to the ways we can open ourselves to receive the gifts and grace of Life. For the woman who is depleted and experiencing confusion on her path, It begins with an exploration in how we self-restore – shifting from depletion to fulfillment. I explore this with 8 radiant women in The Little Book of Non-Negotiables. Having non-negotiables in place are essential to unlock creativity, clarity, and build lives that feel harmonious and purpose filled. The LBONN is the foundational shift every woman who is tired of the hustle can make to thrive in life & business.

Wholeness is the embodied experience of knowing of who you are. When we do not know who we are – we seek outside ourselves for validation. This is the core reason we live in a world based on achievement and exploitation and why we find ourselves constantly striving and unable to relax. Think about that for a moment. When was the last time you really settled into a space where you allowed NOT to have it “all figured out?”  I believe, knowing who you are is a non-negotiable part of the contract we signed when we chose to be here. I explore a wholeness path – a coming home to yourself -  in The Ecstasy of Being. This is an 8 day Embodiment Journey; a living meditation that guides you through very simple & soulful feminine practices, offering ways for you to open and settle into the truth of your being.

Each of these paths MUST be accompanied with SELF LOVE on a day to day basis – otherwise they become just another ideal to live up to. The realization that I didn’t love myself after decades of self study, was one of the most humbling and profound shifts of my life. Suddenly – everything I was pouring my energy into seemed like a band-aid covering a deeper truth.

I am, as I am sure you are as well, dedicated to the truth, even when it stings.


Find ecstasy within yourself.
It is not out there.
It is in your innermost flowering.
The one you are looking for is you.
You are the traveler and you are the destination.
In experiencing the ecstasy of your own being,
you have achieved the final goal.


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