There is another space awaiting your presence that is filled with pure potential and fulfillment. The dis-ease that robs satisfaction is created by a mind that habitually cycles stories yet I discover over and over, that I have the choice on where to rest my attention.

My presence.

When I choose to rest in a new space, married with the breath,
I discover there is peace, even amidst all that remains unanswered.

When I get very still, I hear the machine of striving that resists the notion of “not knowing, not doing, not planning, not solving” and yet, the magical unfolding exists when we explore the spaces outside the Ego Will and what we think is right for our life.

Resting in the unknown, truly resting……is an artful dance with the great mystery that is seducing me more and more.
I can feel the magic here, and deep beneath the chatter,
I experience Joy in witnessing the unfolding of life.



“The unprecedented connection between the White Lion and priests, kings, prophets and seers throughout history has its deep connection to the stars, the constellation of Leo and the beings that helped in the construction of the pyramids, the Sphinx and all the astronomical sites like Stonehenge. The White Lion bridges humans to not only their own true spiritual nature of love but to the stars themselves. As with the Lion of Judah, the Lions of God bring a message of Christ Consciousness, one of unity and of ancient truth that can help humanity transform through the coming changes. If we listen.” ~ whitelionwisdom



We unfold, create and experience in a spiral, just like nature. It is the path of evolution.
The straight line does not circle back, nor integrate, nor gain the wisdom from cycles before.
Yet the straight path seduces so many with it’s lofty promises of the destination
while slowly extracting the traveler of her vitality & self trust.

The spiral is a constant flow or movement, unfolding in the moment, just like the cycles of nature.
We are only stuck when we try to alter the flow by forcing a cycle before her time or denying the cycle we are in.
Embrace your spiral nature (the humanity of it all!) and you will find you are gifted with a powerful Inner Sight,
helping you to decode the spiral, heal authentically
and bloom from the inside out.



Once upon a time, we knew how to be with ourselves and the earth.
This knowing, the deep in our bones knowing, is awakened each time we allow ourselves to be penetrated by a pure moment of Being. If moments of simple enJOYment are lacking, nature offers the most potent way to become re-connected.

She communicates profound wisdom into the hearts of all who are willing to listen.
She is sharing her secrets, the very answers we seek to lift ourselves out of the fog of self destruction.
The answers that cannot be found excavating the mind, the very same mind that created the problems to begin with.
She is showing us who we are and all we can create.
IF we listen.


I am the Mother.
I am both transcendent and immanent.
I am the source and I am all that streamsfrom it.
I am one with all things in creation and
one in boundless light within the creation
and beyond the creation.
Adore me

~ Andrew Harvey on The Divine Mother
(image: Jarah Tree)

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I am the new face of feminism. Its amusing to me that a woman awakened to her true nature and having a deep reverence for ALL life on this planet, so much so that she is empowered to take a stand for herself and her community for peace, love and harmony for ALL, renders her a “Feminist” and “un-date-able.”

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